21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Did you know that you can raise your vibration to attract better experiences and people into your life? We have the power to change what we attract in our lives, and it’s an important part of this is raising our vibration. And, there are a multitude of ways in which we can do this! Try adding some positive practices into your daily or weekly routine and reducing the amount of negativity in your life to start creating some miracles in your life!

21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration!

1. Practicing Meditation

2. Deep breathing/Breathwork

3. Practicing gratitude

4. Showing kindness

5. Setting conscious intentions

6. Repeating positive affirmations

7. Creating a healing mantra

8. Practice receiving (i.e. massage, gifts)

9. Enjoying daily Exercise

10. Following a clean diet

11. Drinking lots of water

12. Use of gemstones & essential oils

13. Doing aura & property clearing

14. Practicing feng shui

15. Communing with nature

16. Soaking up sunshine

16. Time with animals & babies

17. Creating sacred rituals

18. Committing to a nurturing routine

19. Getting plenty of R&R

20. Learning to say no

21. Honoring your boundaries

And removing negatives people, influences, and situations from your life is absolutely vital. Everything is made of energy, and we all share energy. I’m sure you’ve noticed times when you’re in a great mood you seem to attract friendly people and happy experiences. And other times you can be around someone in a really bad mood you walk away with a little or a lot of it on you! And, then you can spread that to other people you encounter throughout your day.

In addition to the list above, learning to ground, center, and shield yourself in the morning before leaving the house and then clearing & cleansing your energy before bed are probably two of the most beneficial things you can do to keep a healthy & high vibration. To learn how to do this read my blog titled “Shielding & Clearing”.