Active Listening

Feeling down, distressed or even delighted? Call me, an objective party, and tell me what’s on your mind! I offer you a safe and nurturing space to share and express your thoughts, feelings, & experiences so that you can release them and not carry them around with you. I offer phone and in-person sessions. Guidance optional.

Phone session: $1/minute

Shadow Work

Learn to live and create consciously rather than sub-consciously. Bring what’s hidden into the light once and for all so you can heal and transmute your dark thoughts, feelings, & experiences so that they no longer control you. This is very life-changing and transforming work that has the ability to liberate you from your demons, no matter how long they’ve been with you.

In-person session: $60/hour

Cuddle Therapy

In need of a little human contact in this digital age? You’re not alone. The loneliness epidemic is real. I offer professional, platonic cuddling on a comfy sofa in the peace & privacy of my Arboretum studio. Let your guard down and give yourself an hour or more of nurturing contact. We can sit in sacred silence, or you can openly share while I actively listen.

In person session: $50 per half hour, up to 3 hours

Energy Healing

I combine various energy healing modalities to give you an opportunity to receive the energetic healing you’re seeking. You’ll relax on a comfy massage table for this, and you will completely let go and focus on your breath while fully receiving.

Eye Gazing & Affirmations


Eye gazing is an ancient Tantric practice that allows you to see into another’s soul, past physical form and personality into their essence and ultimately allows you to connect to the divine within yourself. And, while our eyes are connected I will speak customized affirmations to you, for you.

Cosmic Meditation

I will share with you a number of unique meditations involving planetary & star energy that is likely unlike anything you’ve come across before, and you can choose one that fits your needs at the time. If you have a hard time meditating on your own, this will be ideal for you!