Single Tarot & Oracle Reading: Receive a one-time personalized tarot reading by text. $15 for a 5-card reading/$20 for a 10-card reading/$25 for a 15-card reading.

Daily Tarot Text: Interested in daily insight & guidance? Receive custom intuitive 5-card readings by tarot & oracle every Monday-Friday.  Accompanied by helpful tips and encouragement. Weekly $125/Monthly $395

Spiritual Advising/Healing: In-person general spiritual guidance and/or healing. Can include tarot but is not limited to. Can incorporate listening & supporting, energy healing, crystal healing, forgiveness work, shadow work…$125

Sacred Space: Wishing to create a more sacred lifestyle or space within your home or office? In-person consultation $95/hr. If you wish to have help with physical creation of this space, such as build-out, etc. we can discuss options that best suit your needs and budget. 

                                 Call or Text 512.348.8104