When your life stops working for you

Have you been experiencing obstacles, delays, and downright catastrophe in your life recently? Are you baffled and confused that what was once working for you no longer holds the promise it once did? And no matter what you do it seems like you’ve been cursed by the Gods? There could be a very important reason why this is happening, and there are actually solutions that maybe you haven’t yet considered.

About seven years ago my life went off the tracks, with what seemed like no warning at all. One day I seemed to have a decent handle on life and the next it was off the rails. In reality, there were plenty of warning signs, that had I been more aware, I would have noticed. But, back then, even though I considered myself a spiritual person I wasn’t aware that life sometimes calls on us to drastically change the direction in which we’re headed. It calls on us to experience a bigger version of ourselves. Even when we don’t recall asking for such a so-called ‘improvement’ in our lives.

These changes in your life may or may not be preceded by numbers. 1111 is the first wake-up call. It’s saying ‘Get ready!’. You’ll usually see it on clocks everywhere you turn. This will be followed by double numbers such as 44, 33, 77, and so on. You’ll see them on license plates, signs, your dashboard, literally everywhere. Then eventually, if you’re paying attention, you’ll start noticing unique sets of numbers. My first unique number was 37. It came when my roommate called me at 37 minutes past the hour, and I had 37% battery left on my phone. When I notice the same number in two or more places at the exact same time it’s a message from the universe. And, nowadays, there are numerous websites that you can refer to for ‘angel’ number meanings. You might figure out some of them on your own just from being mindful about what kinds of experiences you’re having when you see them. So, seeing numbers is usually the first wake-up call. But, there are other more subtle, and maybe not so subtle signs the universe offers you. And, these other experiences could come sooner or later, depending on your unique lessons.

For me, life was amazing for a few years. I was blessed with a miraculous upgrade in my life shortly after I started seeing the 1111 and double numbers. I loved my life. This upgrade also came shortly after me making an important change for myself, which involved standing up for what was right. We all make mistakes in our lives, and when we’re young we tend to think we’re invincible and that we can get away with anything. I had picked up a bad habit of shoplifting for entertainment. I had done this on and off for years. It had gotten quite serious for a while until I had my hand slapped by the universe ever so slightly. And, this was enough for me to decide to make the difficult decision to not do it anymore. I decided that this wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. This isn’t who I wanted to be. So, I quit cold-turkey. Within three months the universe gifted me with a miracle. It was all so magical the way it came about for me. With bad credit and no money to speak of I was blessed with a cabin on some land in the country, and I was desperately wanting to get out of the city at that time. To this day, I am still flabbergasted at how this blessing came to me. I will forever cherish the experience. Life rewards us when we make the tough decisions, when we choose the high road. But, it also not so lovingly corrects us when we don’t handle our blessings with the respect that they deserve.

I did not handle my blessing well. I remember always wanting more. Always spending more. Spending money I didn’t have in order to get more. And, as hard as I worked I was still always broke. I would put off my bills so that I could spend and buy. I was out of control. I was always putting myself in a bind, and ultimately putting other people in binds. After three and a half years of loving my new life but not managing it well, I lost it. Long story short, it’s pretty much been a struggle since. I have been slapped upside the head more times than I can count. Ridiculous things have happened to me that you would not even believe. Crazy people have come into my life seemingly just to taunt me, screw me over, steal my stuff, and sometimes force me to look at my own stuff. The money stopped coming in. All sources slowly but surely dried up. I was at a complete loss, metaphorically and actually. I feel I am at the tail-end of this just now. Wow, what an uncomfortable ride. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy. So, let my experiences be a lesson for you so that you don’t have to learn your own the hard way.

Wherever you are out of balance in your life, whatever addictions you may have, in whatever ways you don’t treat yourself or others well…look at it and fix it. Consciously choose to course-correct, before the universe decides for you! There are untold blessings to be had when you are able and willing to do your spiritual work. And, there are unfortunate miseries to go through when you’re not. Not everyone is called upon to be spiritual leaders or teachers, but we are all called upon at some point to be better than we thought possible!

If you’re interested in learning about shadow work, which is an invaluable process for addressing your unconscious dark side before the dark side addresses you feel free to contact me for a session. I also offer Tarot readings by donation for direction and healing. Thank you for reading.

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