Soul Contract Revocation

Do you ever ask yourself, ‘What the heck is going on here?’, ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’, ‘What’s the point in all of this?’.

If you’re a human being, living on planet Earth, I’m sure you’ve sometimes painfully pondered similar questions. But, if you find yourself wondering these things repeatedly, you may begin to question if you’re on the right path in life or if you’ve taken a terrible wrong turn somewhere along the way!

I know what it feels like to wonder if life is just one big fat conspiracy working against us. Some of the ridiculous things that I’ve been through have left me asking ‘Why in the world would I have ever chosen this for myself?!’ ‘What could I have done so wrong to deserve this?!’ Sometimes it just makes no sense, but maybe we don’t see the bigger picture. I feel that our experiences are finely tuned to all of life on this planet, and possibly beyond. We’re an intricate part of the whole. A butterfly’s wings…Every thought, word, and action reverberates through the universe, affecting and bringing balance to all of existence.

One thing we can take comfort in is that life is an ebb and flow. Chapters are continually ending and beginning, beginning and ending. Nothing ever lasts forever. Good to know! But it comes down to this. Just how much control do we have over the story line of our lives? Is it all free-will and we’re making it all up as we go? Or did Shakespeare have it right, and we’re just players strutting on a stage?’ Did we plan out our lives before incarnation? Or were we tricked into this whole thing?

Personally, I’m on the fence. On one hand, I do feel that there could be some value to incarnating over and over in order to experience different aspects of ourselves. But, on the other hand, I’m not sure I agree with the need to learn lessons. And, I don’t think we just learn them once. I think we’ve learned the same lessons many times over. This does not seem fair, and it doesn’t make sense.

Have you ever heard of soul contracts? Apparently, we all sign spiritual contracts before incarnating, in order to have specific experiences and to learn certain lessons. And, once we sign on the dotted line, it’s a done deal. Just like the paperwork for a mortgage or a marriage, except much bigger.

If you feel intuitively on a very deep level that something just doesn’t seem right here, or if you desperately feel you need to change or improve a situation in your life, consider a soul contract revocation. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds are of the utmost importance in life, and this should not and will not change that. What it is supposed to change is experiences in our lives that we were possibly tricked into having that do not really, truly benefit or honor us or the whole.

Here’s where it gets weird. There are what are called ‘Archons’, who have apparently controlled the incarnation process on Earth for over 24,000 years. In order to come in as a human (and, I wonder if this also applies to animals) we would have had to agree to their terms and conditions! This includes having your memory swiped to forget who you are at a soul level as well as your past/parallel lives. In addition, allowing them to influence us via etheric implants and other mind-control techniques, where free will goes right out the window!

By taking the reigns back and taking the steps to cancel these contracts we unwittingly agreed to, we are declaring our sovereignty (supreme power and authority) over our lives. They will no longer be able to interfere with us. This includes the use of implants and other mind-control procedures, which can obviously be extremely detrimental to any sentient being.

A powerful healing can take place within us by going through this process. By healing our inner landscape, our outer one will change as well. And, vice versa. Supposedly, all it takes to cancel these contracts is reciting something similar to the following:

‘By the power of God that I am, I cancel ALL contracts between my Self and the Archons, in all lives, times, dimensions, and all other realities now and forever. ALL contracts means ALL contracts that I could possibly think of and all those that I couldn’t possibly think of, such as in other dimensions, parallel universes (past, present, future). By the power of God that I am, I cancel all contracts between myself and all beings that have implanted me or who have these implants against me and my free will. And so it is.’

Just speak this and KNOW that it works. Wording can be changed slightly to fit who you are, and you can repeat as many times as you wish until you feel satisfied. For some, it may take reciting these or similar statements many hundreds of times in order to feel free. Be mindful that all contracts may not be fully cancelled due to them being linked to other contracts that may be in place.

As suggested by Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness and say that the statements you design yourself may not work the way you would like them to, because the wording needs to be pretty specific. They also recommend using clearing statements that begin in a question format so that it can encompass a greater number of contracts and similar agreements in one go. They created the following:

‘What contracts, curses, repeating curses, spells, incantations, oaths, vows, realties, swearings, commitments, pledges, promises, agreements, alignments, alliances, allegiances, obligations, covenants, treaties, bonds, deals, deeds, decrees, duties, declarations, dispensations, decisions, mandates, edicts, accords, assignments, pacts, connections, programs, ownerships, associations, affiliations and attachments including SHICUUUU ones and all clauses that allow re-instatement or additional copies of the original to be made, do I have throughout all time, space, dimensions and realities that keep me from infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving? All that is, I cancel, revoke, recant, rescind, reclaim, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate them all times a Godzillion. Right & wrong, good & bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.’

(Note: SHICUUUU stands for Secret, Hidden, Invisible/Un-visible, Covert, Unseen, Unsaid, Undisclosed, Unacknowledged).

In addition to revoking unwanted soul contracts you can also design new ones to counteract the detrimental ones. I absolutely love this one found at  It is a work combining many authors and is for unrestricted public use for a reclaiming of individual Sovereignty by one’s individual intent and will.

If you go through and successfully complete this process, be aware that we especially create our new realities with our thoughts, words, and actions. Be mindful of what you put out there. As you sew, so shall you reap. We are literally the architects of our realities at this point, I believe, and not so much until then.

And, ask yourself ‘If I’m not managing my own energy, WHO IS?’ This is where regular check-ins and daily meditations can really be of great value. Take responsibility for yourself in every moment, because we are sparks of God, now truly creating as we go.

One more thing to consider is that every wish we make (consciously or unconsciously) can unknowingly be answered by any spirit out there willing to take us up on our request. Those spirits usually, but not always, have strings attached that we know nothing of. As, we don’t even know that they are the ones ‘helping’ us. These are yet more invisible contracts that can cause our lives to go off the rails if we don’t keep up our end. If you make the wish, a spirit takes you up on it and helps bring it into your reality, even if you change your mind and decide you don’t want it after all you are still held to that contract. And, when you don’t do what’s ‘expected’ of you in return you can be the one left holding the bag. So, literally, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Practice every day, every moment, being conscious of what you are asking for and why as well as what you are personally creating through your own will. You may find that soul contract revocations may be an ongoing necessity in your life to ensure all goes according to plan! This being said, ‘Let go and let God’ is an entirely different thing. Though we are sparks of God and are made in his image, therefore making us very powerful creators, sometimes we feel that we have done all that we can do. Maybe we can be at peace putting the rest in the hands of the God-Source to take care of all the details seemingly out of our control, trusting that we are co-creating this thing called life together!

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