Pushed to the Brink

Having recently watched a few episodes of the series ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ on youtube I quickly noticed how it seems as soon as each person finally comes to the point of realization that they’ve exhausted all options to make it out of their perilous predicament and that there’s no other choice than to start reconciling with their own demise this is when miraculous salvation appears out of nowhere!

And it makes me think, how often in our daily lives do we come to that point where we’ve either exhausted all options or we’re just plain exhausted that we decide ‘this is it’, ‘this can’t go on another moment’, ‘I’m done!’. You look at your current circumstances, and if you’re brave enough, you also look at all the choices that led you to where you now are. And, there you sit face to face with who you have become, staring in on yourself and your unflattering ways of being and your unhealthy patterns and all the time you’ve wasted pretending or attempting or making excuses as to why you’re not who you hoped to one day be. You’re drowning with no apparent life raft. You look around and wonder what or who there is to hold onto, to pull you to safety or sanity. If you’re fortunate, you have someone that can help you. But, even if they can lend a hand or offer encouraging words it is ultimately up to you and you alone to do what you must do. Only you can fulfill your purpose and destiny. It’s a lonely and sometimes scary place to stand, with your expectant self staring back at you demanding a better way. And, there it is. You reach the end of the line. It’s do or die.

For me, this blog is part of the ‘do’. I have flailed around either just finding ways to survive my purposeless days or making unending attempts at trying to find my purpose in what seems like a vast, endless ocean of possibilities. ‘How do I choose?’, ‘Which of my ideas is THE one?’, ‘What am I supposed to be doing with my life?!’

Doesn’t it come down to what you find yourself doing naturally? The tinkering, the sketching, the writing, the dancing…We all have it within us to turn our innate gifts and our beloved hobbies into a fulfilling purpose and pathway to a happier, richer life. There is no need to stay in a soul-sucking job or a dead-end life when you have the answers to salvation at your fingertips. Find what makes your soul sing and research ways you can share it with others, because if it makes you happy it’s guaranteed to make others happy as well.

It took me way too long to figure this out, even with the universe shouting at me to make changes. It may take you some time too, but ultimately it’s really as simple as sharing or teaching what you love with others. And, nowadays there are an endless array of platforms on which to share these loves.

If you need help assessing what your gifts and strengths are there are many talented life coaches out there who will help you point your inner compass in the right direction. No matter who you are you can find one that fits your unique personality and path!

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