A Call to Action

I feel the pain in my heart for the beautiful and sacred Native American culture. How unfair what our US government did to them and continues to do to them. ALL humans, ALL animals, and ALL of life has the right to live FREE. Our greedy governments and corporations take, take, and take until the world is bled dry of resources, compassion, and freedom. Just how much land do we need to develop? How many more gas stations do we need? And shopping malls and Bed, Bath, & Beyonds? Can we please preserve some of our sacred land for all to enjoy? To wander and get lost in? I would much rather have an empty lot on each corner than yet another place wanting our hard-earned dollar.

For many years now the Universe has been redirecting me. I’ve been going through an 1111 wake-up call. Maybe you are too. Are you seeing 1111 everywhere you look? Do you feel a little tug at your heart you didn’t used to feel? It’s a call to get your attention. To take notice of your worlds (both inner and outer) as well as our shared one. “WAKE UP’, it’s saying. Wake up. I know, it’s much easier to stay in our slumbers and sleep-walk through life. I know. Though I see the all horrible happenings going on all around, it can feel overwhelming and inconvenient to actually do something it. I’ve been rebelling against taking action for way too long. You might see for yourself one day, that there comes a time where we just won’t get away with ignoring the injustices. Trust me, if it weren’t for the ceaseless nudging of the universe I might have been totally fine just slipping into a sugar coma and sleeping the rest of it out. But, apparently that’s not my path. What is yours? If enough of us choose to take some little or not so little actions to improve the state of the world, we will begin to see our reality shifting before our eyes. We can do this. I know we can.

Today, with my small voice, I am speaking up. I’m asking if we can please stop shopping our lives away. Can we stop slaughtering and abusing animals for our own selfish gain? Can we please learn to accept and honor all of life? We were all put here together to live in harmony. Can you imagine how much further we would get if we were all to ban together for shared causes, rather than fighting over our differences? All that any normal person wants when it comes right down to it is love, prosperity, and freedom. This goes for people as well as animals and nature. Have we forgotten that everything around us is alive? One thing I love about the American Indians is that they recognize this. They live and breathe to honor all of life, and they celebrate it as a way of life.

Every animal on this planet is here to help and support us, and they have specific purposes. High purposes. They are pure spirit, connected to everything. Nature as well. For instance, if a tree or a lion are suffering they do not suffer as we would. They have the ability to live in multiple dimensions easily and without effort. So, as one part of them is in pain here, they can focus their attention elsewhere. It doesn’t mean that they can’t feel the pain, but they feel it much less than we would, because our egos rule most of us humans. Hence the importance of regular meditation. Again, easier said than done. I need to practice what I preach. And, that’s my point.

We’re all aware of something that’s going on that is not just. Do we choose to ignore and forget while we’re shopping or escaping? Or do we decide that today will be the day that we will find a way to make a little difference in our little corner of the world?

My passions are animal activism and freedom from oppression. And, animal activism really falls under freedom from oppression. I want to give them a voice, to stand up for them when they can’t stand up for themselves. I am grateful to those who already live their truths and who protect all that is precious. A heartfelt thank you to the ones who aren’t afraid to get off the couch and go into the world to fight for what is right. And, while we’re at it, I send love, light, positivity, and prayers to ALL who need it. To beautiful mother earth, father sky, sacred wind, all animals who walk, fly, or swim. To the waters of the world, to the insects, to the grass…I love you and thank you for all that you are and all that you do. And, I pray that more of us wake up and become aware of their magnificence and magic. I do recognize and honor you all, and I wish you infinite beauty, blessings, and benevolence.

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