Welcome to the VIP Lounge

Do you feel like an outsider in your own life? Like you’re waiting to be granted access to the VIP lounge within yourself? Do you feel like a stranger in a strange land where nothing makes sense? And, like making true connections with other people would require miracles from God? Are you walking through life with a big question mark above your head taunting you? And, your mind torturing you because you’re trying to get all the puzzle pieces to fit?

All the seemingly happy people who are so simply satisfied with their 9-5 jobs and 2.3 kids, who seem blissfully unaware of everything that is just plain wrong here? Darkness, what? Depression, what? We’ve been lied to about everything, what? You mean we’re not supposed to torture and eat animals, what? You mean we’ve practically been lobotomized to where we only have access to 10% of who we REALLY are? You mean there’s more to life than just procreating and shopping? What?

While the masses sleepwalk through their perfect and predictable little lives I’ve been wandering a lonely path with no one to lean on. I’ve been lost. I’ve been hurt. Debilitated from heartbreak, disappointment, and disillusionment. Almost broken beyond repair. Rather than thinking my way through this dark jungle, I’ve felt my way through. And, I’ve been willing to walk with my blinders off. I’ve dared go down the rabbit hole, and I’ve come out knowing what other don’t seem to know.

My whole life I’ve been searching and waiting and trying. Just to end up alone with very little to my name and few people that care. I’ve spent a lifetime of pushing people away, because they didn’t feel right to me. I’ve tried on a multitude of experiences, and most didn’t fit. And the ones that did didn’t last. It’s like the ground is constantly shifting beneath my feet, and I’m fighting to maintain balance.

Most of what others find joy in is meaningless to me. Small talk, shoot me. Small thinking, I can’t handle it. Living inside the box, just put me in a box and bury me. I can’t take the smallness. There is so much more available to us than what’s been given.

It’s like we’re trapped on this hell planet where suffering abounds, and there’s practically nothing you can do about it. And, our answer to activism is sharing injustices on Facebook that no one pays attention to. There’s just so much wrong with this world, and it’s easy to get lost in the darkness. The only answer that comes to me is to be the light. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong all around, stand still and be the light that people need. Be the light. Be the truth. Be the answer. If you can’t find it outside of yourself, BE IT.

If you feel different, instead of being angry about it be grateful. You were given a unique gift that others weren’t blessed with. It usually turns out that what you think is your worst curse is your greatest gift and more than likely your purpose. And, it’s simply a matter of choice that you can make in an instant to turn it around. In a single breath, a single thought, a single moment you can turn it on its head.  And, maybe, just maybe, you can grant yourself access into that glorious VIP lounge after all.

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