Heading North

Could you use some extra guidance in your life, something or someone or some system that can point you in the right direction? Sure you do! We all do from time to time. It’s part of being human. Unfortunately, we were not given a roadmap to life, but this sure seems close. Ever hear of ‘North node’ and ‘South node’? If you haven’t, don’t worry. Most people have not. No matter your familiarity with astrology, this is a lesser known aspect of it. Nodes are not planets, but they are points where the moon’s orbit crosses the earth’s orbit around the sun. They are called True Nodes, and they are 180 degrees apart in the sky and are always in retrograde. So, whatever sign your North node is in, your South node will be the exact opposite of it on the astrology wheel.

Your North node represents your soul mission or next experience for soul growth. These nodes apparently have points of soul magnetism, and your North node pulls you toward your most expansive future. Your South node represents where we’re coming from and what we’re bringing into this life. That includes lessons from our past lives and the earlier years of our present life, and thus, all the gifts and qualities that you’ve already mastered.

As an example, my North node is in Aquarius, so therefore my South node is in Leo. The spiritual calling of the North Node in Aquarius is to be of service to the group, or a humanitarian.  Any work that affects society rather than an individual is favorable. South node in Leo represents the necessity to move away from a selfish and self-centered way of being, since these people are used to getting their own way and the world revolving around them. And, yes, this perfectly resonates with my experience, past and present. I have slowly been moving into my Aquarius calling, and the keyword is slowly. Hence the amazing number of challenges I’ve encountered over the last several years.

Yes, I’ve been learning the hard way that the longer it takes for you to begin moving into your North node qualities the more you’re going to suffer! I’ve read this sometime in the past, and it is certainly proving to be true. The roadblocks and challenges will slowly escalate the longer it takes you. So, the sooner you can step into your North node role the better! Take my word for this. It does not pay to be stubborn or rebellious. Let me help you out here by providing you with a little about each North node/South node pairing, and I highly recommend taking it to heart and applying it to your life as soon as possible. Here they are…

The following are taken from the website https://www.astrology.com/article/nodes-north-south-pairings-destiny-zodiac.



Your individuality and sense of self is your gift. Embracing leadership is key. Learn to prioritize your needs over the needs of others—self-care isn’t selfish. Find comfort in being alone. Take risks and learn to express your anger and concerns in a healthy manner.


It’s likely you were a serial monogamist in a past life—let go of the need to be in a partnership. Codependence can cause problems. Embrace challenges even if it means being uncomfortable. Stop putting others before yourself. Learn to fight your own battles—there is no need to keep the peace and harmony at all times. The ability to be direct (not passive aggressive) and express when you’re upset will serve you well in this lifetime.



Finding inner balance is key in your journey—as is learning to cooperate within group settings. Commitment will be a large theme in your life—compromise and meeting a partner in the middle will be prevalent. Having patience and learning to not act impulsively will also serve you well in the long run.


Anger will be a huge piece of the puzzle and will require you to channel aggressive behaviors, reactions, and tendencies in a healthy manner. Embrace the idea of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes—stop thinking about yourself and your needs first. You do matter, but so do others. Learn to ask for help—it’s not that hard, just do it, and do so with an open heart. No one’s ego will be shattered. Find inner balance and the strength to weigh decisions and the possible outcomes/consequences before acting.



Find pleasure in the simple things. Develop routines that feed your soul and keep you aligned. Lead with honesty. The urge to be a provider will be overwhelming in this lifetime—there is a desire to take care of yourself and others. Embrace challenges—hard work pays off. Find hobbies that keep you grounded. Explore your earthly five senses.


Stop using manipulation and/or excessive strategizing to get ahead. Sex is not a weapon, and shouldn’t be treated as one. Intimacy is powerful—be thoughtful and mindful about who you let in. Learn to share your truth and be vulnerable. Release holding onto information for power. Put an end to calculating behavior and embrace a work ethic that will make you proud



It’s time to start looking beyond your senses—into the deeper realms of spirituality. Look out for and recognize synchronicities in the universe and the deep mystery it possesses. Be generous with your earnings and your possessions. When others offer you help, embrace the notion and express gratitude. Don’t push people away.


Catering to your five earthly senses can lead to overindulgence. Release any attachment to material possessions and the desire to overindulge. Learn to accept that there are some things that can’t be explained—leave your practical need to define everything behind. Let go of fears around trying new things—learn to venture outside your comfort zone.



Embrace risk-taking and joining new groups. Find hobbies that encourage your adaptability, communication, and collaboration. There is beauty in living in the moment—embrace it. Hone your listening skills.


Save multi-tasking for when it’s necessary—if you rely on it, nothing will be completed effectively. Pause before turning toward impetuous decision-making, and don’t assume you know the entire story without taking the time to listen first. Stop minimizing others with your arrogance. The desire to overindulge must be routinely put in check. Keeping too many options open will hold you back.



Leave your home behind and embrace exploration and travel. If you have questions, answer them yourself and learn. Join a class or lecture. Learn to take risks. Make friends in other countries—learn the beauty in diversity. Focus on the bigger picture.


Manipulation and honesty can be an issue here. There’s a tendency to rely on gossip to make connections. Find and nurture deep and meaningful relationships. Learn to stick with an idea and see it through to the end. Find comfort in yourself—release co-dependent behaviors.



Allow yourself to feel and embrace your various emotional states. Family is a priority that will lead to significant healing. Self-care is necessary—as is surrounding yourself with others who are nurturing and compassionate. Establish heart-felt connections that allow you to grow emotionally and spiritually.


The tendency to be the best or hardest working has to go. Your accomplishments do not define you. Overworking will isolate you and leave you unfulfilled emotionally. Release the need to make practical decisions rather than following your intuition. There is power in what you feel. You may have issues with your mom that you need to work through. Stop letting your public image define you.



A fulfilling profession can enhance your sense of self. Embrace a goal-oriented mentality, learn to prioritize, and strengthen your time management skills. Issues with your father are a focus: you can work through this by searching for a deeper understanding of his role in your life. Live and lead confidently in your public life and decision-making.


It’s time for someone else to take care of you. Release the need to nurture others and to take on too much. There can be an extreme fear of emotional abandonment. Let go of passive behaviors and the tendency to lead with shyness. Be confident in who you are and your place in this world. There can be an issue of codependence here, and an incredibly strong attachment to one’s mother.



Expressing yourself is key—learn to embrace your individuality and expression of self. Lead with your heart and don’t be fearful of showering those who you love with public displays of affection. Gift giving can be a way you end up showing you care—thoughtful gifts and spoiling those nearest and dearest to you will bring you great joy. Don’t be afraid of top executives—you’re on their level and have the power and courage to co-exist with them.


The tendency to react in an emotionally cold demeanor needs to go, as does the desire to be liked and accepted by everyone. Group activities can produce excellent growth, but if you are lost in the crowd and keep others at a distance, there is little to no benefit. Stop over-intellectualizing every situation. Find and make a home—commitment and establishing roots can be powerful.



Don’t be afraid if you’re not the center of attention—playing a role in a group, whether the attention is on you or not, can offer critical lessons. Release the “me” mentality—ask for and accept help. Wonderful ideas are born through collaboration. Find a deeper meaning in your purpose that impacts not just yourself, but others on a macro-level. Do not respond to drama with drama—let go of over-emotional responses. Focus on others. Embrace new, innovative ideas.


Like a moth to a flame, you’ve got to start avoiding drama—especially when it isn’t your business in the first place. Selfish tendencies and focusing on your needs as a priority must go. Learn who earns your loyalty—not everyone is deserving. Vanity and materialism are two faults that every king and queen must sacrifice for the greater good—and, in this case, the betterment of yourself.



Use logic to problem solve. Own up to your mistakes and take interest in analyzing what went wrong in order to produce better results next time. Develop the patience necessary to pay attention to details and work on technical skills. Communicate clearly and with purpose. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and hold others accountable for their actions. Find beauty in daily routines.


Being lost in daydreams and fantasy will set you back—you’re easily charmed, and it can lead to excessive emotional manipulation. Disorganization will lead you nowhere—fine-tuning and paying attention to the details will pay off. Self-pity isn’t a good look—stop making sacrifices for others and putting their needs before your own. Own your flaws and stop making excuses.



Let your creativity flow! This is a place where your intuition and imagination rule. Focus on developing and honing your inner voice and psychic abilities. Trust and let go of the need to be in control. Find a way or therapy to process your emotions in a healthy way—otherwise, alcohol/substance abuse can be prevalent. Stop looking for escapes, focus on your inner artist, and heal others through your creativity.


The need or desire to be perfect can be debilitating. Overthinking can lead you to overindulge via vices or cause you to self-medicate. It’s time to employ a healthy way to harness and handle your anxiety. The need to micromanage and existing in a negative mindset can lead to isolation. Your words can hurt others—be careful how you use them. Don’t overindulge in gossip.

So, there we have it! Enlightening isn’t it? I hope this helps you navigate your life even more successfully than you already have! Wishing you beauty, benevolence, and blessings along your path. Be sure to check out my upcoming post on your Life Path Number, and how it impacts your life in a big way.

A Call to Action

I feel the pain in my heart for the beautiful and sacred Native American culture. How unfair what our US government did to them and continues to do to them. ALL humans, ALL animals, and ALL of life has the right to live FREE. Our greedy governments and corporations take, take, and take until the world is bled dry of resources, compassion, and freedom. Just how much land do we need to develop? How many more gas stations do we need? And shopping malls and Bed, Bath, & Beyonds? Can we please preserve some of our sacred land for all to enjoy? To wander and get lost in? I would much rather have an empty lot on each corner than yet another place wanting our hard-earned dollar.

For many years now the Universe has been redirecting me. I’ve been going through an 1111 wake-up call. Maybe you are too. Are you seeing 1111 everywhere you look? Do you feel a little tug at your heart you didn’t used to feel? It’s a call to get your attention. To take notice of your worlds (both inner and outer) as well as our shared one. “WAKE UP’, it’s saying. Wake up. I know, it’s much easier to stay in our slumbers and sleep-walk through life. I know. Though I see the all horrible happenings going on all around, it can feel overwhelming and inconvenient to actually do something it. I’ve been rebelling against taking action for way too long. You might see for yourself one day, that there comes a time where we just won’t get away with ignoring the injustices. Trust me, if it weren’t for the ceaseless nudging of the universe I might have been totally fine just slipping into a sugar coma and sleeping the rest of it out. But, apparently that’s not my path. What is yours? If enough of us choose to take some little or not so little actions to improve the state of the world, we will begin to see our reality shifting before our eyes. We can do this. I know we can.

Today, with my small voice, I am speaking up. I’m asking if we can please stop shopping our lives away. Can we stop slaughtering and abusing animals for our own selfish gain? Can we please learn to accept and honor all of life? We were all put here together to live in harmony. Can you imagine how much further we would get if we were all to ban together for shared causes, rather than fighting over our differences? All that any normal person wants when it comes right down to it is love, prosperity, and freedom. This goes for people as well as animals and nature. Have we forgotten that everything around us is alive? One thing I love about the American Indians is that they recognize this. They live and breathe to honor all of life, and they celebrate it as a way of life.

Every animal on this planet is here to help and support us, and they have specific purposes. High purposes. They are pure spirit, connected to everything. Nature as well. For instance, if a tree or a lion are suffering they do not suffer as we would. They have the ability to live in multiple dimensions easily and without effort. So, as one part of them is in pain here, they can focus their attention elsewhere. It doesn’t mean that they can’t feel the pain, but they feel it much less than we would, because our egos rule most of us humans. Hence the importance of regular meditation. Again, easier said than done. I need to practice what I preach. And, that’s my point.

We’re all aware of something that’s going on that is not just. Do we choose to ignore and forget while we’re shopping or escaping? Or do we decide that today will be the day that we will find a way to make a little difference in our little corner of the world?

My passions are animal activism and freedom from oppression. And, animal activism really falls under freedom from oppression. I want to give them a voice, to stand up for them when they can’t stand up for themselves. I am grateful to those who already live their truths and who protect all that is precious. A heartfelt thank you to the ones who aren’t afraid to get off the couch and go into the world to fight for what is right. And, while we’re at it, I send love, light, positivity, and prayers to ALL who need it. To beautiful mother earth, father sky, sacred wind, all animals who walk, fly, or swim. To the waters of the world, to the insects, to the grass…I love you and thank you for all that you are and all that you do. And, I pray that more of us wake up and become aware of their magnificence and magic. I do recognize and honor you all, and I wish you infinite beauty, blessings, and benevolence.

Welcome to the VIP Lounge

Do you feel like an outsider in your own life? Like you’re waiting to be granted access to the VIP lounge within yourself? Do you feel like a stranger in a strange land where nothing makes sense? And, like making true connections with other people would require miracles from God? Are you walking through life with a big question mark above your head taunting you? And, your mind torturing you because you’re trying to get all the puzzle pieces to fit?

All the seemingly happy people who are so simply satisfied with their 9-5 jobs and 2.3 kids, who seem blissfully unaware of everything that is just plain wrong here? Darkness, what? Depression, what? We’ve been lied to about everything, what? You mean we’re not supposed to torture and eat animals, what? You mean we’ve practically been lobotomized to where we only have access to 10% of who we REALLY are? You mean there’s more to life than just procreating and shopping? What?

While the masses sleepwalk through their perfect and predictable little lives I’ve been wandering a lonely path with no one to lean on. I’ve been lost. I’ve been hurt. Debilitated from heartbreak, disappointment, and disillusionment. Almost broken beyond repair. Rather than thinking my way through this dark jungle, I’ve felt my way through. And, I’ve been willing to walk with my blinders off. I’ve dared go down the rabbit hole, and I’ve come out knowing what other don’t seem to know.

My whole life I’ve been searching and waiting and trying. Just to end up alone with very little to my name and few people that care. I’ve spent a lifetime of pushing people away, because they didn’t feel right to me. I’ve tried on a multitude of experiences, and most didn’t fit. And the ones that did didn’t last. It’s like the ground is constantly shifting beneath my feet, and I’m fighting to maintain balance.

Most of what others find joy in is meaningless to me. Small talk, shoot me. Small thinking, I can’t handle it. Living inside the box, just put me in a box and bury me. I can’t take the smallness. There is so much more available to us than what’s been given.

It’s like we’re trapped on this hell planet where suffering abounds, and there’s practically nothing you can do about it. And, our answer to activism is sharing injustices on Facebook that no one pays attention to. There’s just so much wrong with this world, and it’s easy to get lost in the darkness. The only answer that comes to me is to be the light. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong all around, stand still and be the light that people need. Be the light. Be the truth. Be the answer. If you can’t find it outside of yourself, BE IT.

If you feel different, instead of being angry about it be grateful. You were given a unique gift that others weren’t blessed with. It usually turns out that what you think is your worst curse is your greatest gift and more than likely your purpose. And, it’s simply a matter of choice that you can make in an instant to turn it around. In a single breath, a single thought, a single moment you can turn it on its head.  And, maybe, just maybe, you can grant yourself access into that glorious VIP lounge after all.

Pushed to the Brink

Having recently watched a few episodes of the series ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ on youtube I quickly noticed how it seems as soon as each person finally comes to the point of realization that they’ve exhausted all options to make it out of their perilous predicament and that there’s no other choice than to start reconciling with their own demise this is when miraculous salvation appears out of nowhere!

And it makes me think, how often in our daily lives do we come to that point where we’ve either exhausted all options or we’re just plain exhausted that we decide ‘this is it’, ‘this can’t go on another moment’, ‘I’m done!’. You look at your current circumstances, and if you’re brave enough, you also look at all the choices that led you to where you now are. And, there you sit face to face with who you have become, staring in on yourself and your unflattering ways of being and your unhealthy patterns and all the time you’ve wasted pretending or attempting or making excuses as to why you’re not who you hoped to one day be. You’re drowning with no apparent life raft. You look around and wonder what or who there is to hold onto, to pull you to safety or sanity. If you’re fortunate, you have someone that can help you. But, even if they can lend a hand or offer encouraging words it is ultimately up to you and you alone to do what you must do. Only you can fulfill your purpose and destiny. It’s a lonely and sometimes scary place to stand, with your expectant self staring back at you demanding a better way. And, there it is. You reach the end of the line. It’s do or die.

For me, this blog is part of the ‘do’. I have flailed around either just finding ways to survive my purposeless days or making unending attempts at trying to find my purpose in what seems like a vast, endless ocean of possibilities. ‘How do I choose?’, ‘Which of my ideas is THE one?’, ‘What am I supposed to be doing with my life?!’

Doesn’t it come down to what you find yourself doing naturally? The tinkering, the sketching, the writing, the dancing…We all have it within us to turn our innate gifts and our beloved hobbies into a fulfilling purpose and pathway to a happier, richer life. There is no need to stay in a soul-sucking job or a dead-end life when you have the answers to salvation at your fingertips. Find what makes your soul sing and research ways you can share it with others, because if it makes you happy it’s guaranteed to make others happy as well.

It took me way too long to figure this out, even with the universe shouting at me to make changes. It may take you some time too, but ultimately it’s really as simple as sharing or teaching what you love with others. And, nowadays there are an endless array of platforms on which to share these loves.

If you need help assessing what your gifts and strengths are there are many talented life coaches out there who will help you point your inner compass in the right direction. No matter who you are you can find one that fits your unique personality and path!

Soul Contract Revocation!

Do you ever ask yourself, ‘What the heck is going on here?’, ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’, ‘What’s the point in all of this?’.

If you’re a human being, living on planet Earth, I’m sure you’ve sometimes painfully pondered similar questions. But, if you find yourself wondering these things repeatedly, you may begin to question if you’re on the right path in life or if you’ve taken a terrible wrong turn somewhere along the way!

I know what it feels like to wonder if life is just one big fat conspiracy working against us. Some of the ridiculous things that I’ve been through have left me asking ‘Why in the world would I have ever chosen this for myself?!’ ‘What could I have done so wrong to deserve this?!’ Sometimes it just makes no sense, but maybe we don’t see the bigger picture. I feel that our experiences are finely tuned to all of life on this planet, and possibly beyond. We’re an intricate part of the whole. A butterfly’s wings…Every thought, word, and action reverberates through the universe, affecting and bringing balance to all of existence.

One thing we can take comfort in is that life is an ebb and flow. Chapters are continually ending and beginning, beginning and ending. Nothing ever lasts forever. Good to know! But it comes down to this. Just how much control do we have over the story line of our lives? Is it all free-will and we’re making it all up as we go? Or did Shakespeare have it right, and we’re just players strutting on a stage?’ Did we plan out our lives before incarnation? Or were we tricked into this whole thing?  

Personally, I’m on the fence. On one hand, I do feel that there could be some value to incarnating over and over in order to experience different aspects of ourselves. But, on the other hand, I’m not sure I agree with the need to learn lessons. And, I don’t think we just learn them once. I think we’ve learned the same lessons many times over. This does not seem fair, and it doesn’t make sense.

Have you ever heard of soul contracts? Apparently, we all sign spiritual contracts before incarnating, in order to have specific experiences and to learn certain lessons. And, once we sign on the dotted line, it’s a done deal. Just like the paperwork for a mortgage or a marriage, except much bigger.

If you feel intuitively on a very deep level that something just doesn’t seem right here, or if you desperately feel you need to change or improve a situation in your life, consider a soul contract revocation. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds are of the utmost importance in life, and this should not and will not change that. What it is supposed to change is experiences in our lives that we were possibly tricked into having that do not really, truly benefit or honor us or the whole.

Here’s where it gets weird. There are what are called ‘Archons’, who have apparently controlled the incarnation process on Earth for over 24,000 years. In order to come in as a human (and, I wonder if this also applies to animals) we would have had to agree to their terms and conditions! This includes having your memory swiped to forget who you are at a soul level as well as your past/parallel lives. In addition, allowing them to influence us via etheric implants and other mind-control techniques, where free will goes right out the window!

By taking the reigns back and taking the steps to cancel these contracts we unwittingly agreed to, we are declaring our sovereignty (supreme power and authority) over our lives. They will no longer be able to interfere with us. This includes the use of implants and other mind-control procedures, which can obviously be extremely detrimental to any sentient being.

A powerful healing can take place within us by going through this process. By healing our inner landscape, our outer one will change as well. And, vice versa. Supposedly, all it takes to cancel these contracts is reciting something similar to the following:

‘By the power of God that I am, I cancel ALL contracts between my Self and the Archons, in all lives, times, dimensions, and all other realities now and forever. ALL contracts means ALL contracts that I could possibly think of and all those that I couldn’t possibly think of, such as in other dimensions, parallel universes (past, present, future). By the power of God that I am, I cancel all contracts between myself and all beings that have implanted me or who have these implants against me and my free will. And so it is.’

Just speak this and KNOW that it works. Wording can be changed slightly to fit who you are, and you can repeat as many times as you wish until you feel satisfied. For some, it may take reciting these or similar statements many hundreds of times in order to feel free. Be mindful that all contracts may not be fully cancelled due to them being linked to other contracts that may be in place.

As suggested by Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness and  www.theclearingstatement.com say that the statements you design yourself may not work the way you would like them to, because the wording needs to be pretty specific. They also recommend using clearing statements that begin in a question format so that it can encompass a greater number of contracts and similar agreements in one go. They created the following:

‘What contracts, curses, repeating curses, spells, incantations, oaths, vows, realties, swearings, commitments, pledges, promises, agreements, alignments, alliances, allegiances, obligations, covenants, treaties, bonds, deals, deeds, decrees, duties, declarations, dispensations, decisions, mandates, edicts, accords, assignments, pacts, connections, programs, ownerships, associations, affiliations and attachments including SHICUUUU ones and all clauses that allow re-instatement or additional copies of the original to be made, do I have throughout all time, space, dimensions and realities that keep me from infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving? All that is, I cancel, revoke, recant, rescind, reclaim, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate them all times a Godzillion. Right & wrong, good & bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.’

(Note: SHICUUUU stands for Secret, Hidden, Invisible/Un-visible, Covert, Unseen, Unsaid, Undisclosed, Unacknowledged).

In addition to revoking unwanted soul contracts you can also design new ones to counteract the detrimental ones. I absolutely love this one found at https://www.sovereignki.com/declaration-of-non-consent.  It is a work combining many authors and is for unrestricted public use for a reclaiming of individual Sovereignty by one’s individual intent and will.

If you go through and successfully complete this process, be aware that we especially create our new realities with our thoughts, words, and actions. Be mindful of what you put out there. As you sew, so shall you reap. We are literally the architects of our realities at this point, I believe, and not so much until then.

And, ask yourself ‘If I’m not managing my own energy, WHO IS?’ This is where regular check-ins and daily meditations can really be of great value. Take responsibility for yourself in every moment, because we are sparks of God, now truly creating as we go.

One more thing to consider is that every wish we make (consciously or unconsciously) can unknowingly be answered by any spirit out there willing to take us up on our request. Those spirits usually, but not always, have strings attached that we know nothing of. As, we don’t even know that they are the ones ‘helping’ us. These are yet more invisible contracts that can cause our lives to go off the rails if we don’t keep up our end. If you make the wish, a spirit takes you up on it and helps bring it into your reality, even if you change your mind and decide you don’t want it after all you are still held to that contract. And, when you don’t do what’s ‘expected’ of you in return you can be the one left holding the bag. So, literally, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Practice every day, every moment, being conscious of what you are asking for and why as well as what you are personally creating through your own will. You may find that soul contract revocations may be an ongoing necessity in your life to ensure all goes according to plan! This being said, ‘Let go and let God’ is an entirely different thing. Though we are sparks of God and are made in his image, therefore making us very powerful creators, sometimes we feel that we have done all that we can do. Maybe we can be at peace putting the rest in the hands of the God-Source to take care of all the details seemingly out of our control, trusting that we are co-creating this thing called life together!

When your life stops working for you

Have you been experiencing obstacles, delays, and downright catastrophe in your life recently? Are you baffled and confused that what was once working for you no longer holds the promise it once did? And no matter what you do it seems like you’ve been cursed by the Gods? There could be a very important reason why this is happening, and there are actually solutions that maybe you haven’t yet considered.

About seven years ago my life went off the tracks, with what seemed like no warning at all. One day I seemed to have a decent handle on life and the next it was off the rails. In reality, there were plenty of warning signs, that had I been more aware, I would have noticed. But, back then, even though I considered myself a spiritual person I wasn’t aware that life sometimes calls on us to drastically change the direction in which we’re headed. It calls on us to experience a bigger version of ourselves. Even when we don’t recall asking for such a so-called ‘improvement’ in our lives.

These changes in your life may or may not be preceded by numbers. 1111 is the first wake-up call. It’s saying ‘Get ready!’. You’ll usually see it on clocks everywhere you turn. This will be followed by double numbers such as 44, 33, 77, and so on. You’ll see them on license plates, signs, your dashboard, literally everywhere. Then eventually, if you’re paying attention, you’ll start noticing unique sets of numbers. My first unique number was 37. It came when my roommate called me at 37 minutes past the hour, and I had 37% battery left on my phone. When I notice the same number in two or more places at the exact same time it’s a message from the universe. And, nowadays, there are numerous websites that you can refer to for ‘angel’ number meanings. You might figure out some of them on your own just from being mindful about what kinds of experiences you’re having when you see them. So, seeing numbers is usually the first wake-up call. But, there are other more subtle, and maybe not so subtle signs the universe offers you. And, these other experiences could come sooner or later, depending on your unique lessons.

For me, life was amazing for a few years. I was blessed with a miraculous upgrade in my life shortly after I started seeing the 1111 and double numbers. I loved my life. This upgrade also came shortly after me making an important change for myself, which involved standing up for what was right. We all make mistakes in our lives, and when we’re young we tend to think we’re invincible and that we can get away with anything. I had picked up a bad habit of shoplifting for entertainment. I had done this on and off for years. It had gotten quite serious for a while until I had my hand slapped by the universe ever so slightly. And, this was enough for me to decide to make the difficult decision to not do it anymore. I decided that this wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. This isn’t who I wanted to be. So, I quit cold-turkey. Within three months the universe gifted me with a miracle. It was all so magical the way it came about for me. With bad credit and no money to speak of I was blessed with a cabin on some land in the country, and I was desperately wanting to get out of the city at that time. To this day, I am still flabbergasted at how this blessing came to me. I will forever cherish the experience. Life rewards us when we make the tough decisions, when we choose the high road. But, it also not so lovingly corrects us when we don’t handle our blessings with the respect that they deserve.

I did not handle my blessing well. I remember always wanting more. Always spending more. Spending money I didn’t have in order to get more. And, as hard as I worked I was still always broke. I would put off my bills so that I could spend and buy. I was out of control. I was always putting myself in a bind, and ultimately putting other people in binds. After three and a half years of loving my new life but not managing it well, I lost it. Long story short, it’s pretty much been a struggle since. I have been slapped upside the head more times than I can count. Ridiculous things have happened to me that you would not even believe. Crazy people have come into my life seemingly just to taunt me, screw me over, steal my stuff, and sometimes force me to look at my own stuff. The money stopped coming in. All sources slowly but surely dried up. I was at a complete loss, metaphorically and actually. I feel I am at the tail-end of this just now. Wow, what an uncomfortable ride. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy. So, let my experiences be a lesson for you so that you don’t have to learn your own the hard way.

Wherever you are out of balance in your life, whatever addictions you may have, in whatever ways you don’t treat yourself or others well…look at it and fix it. Consciously choose to course-correct, before the universe decides for you! There are untold blessings to be had when you are able and willing to do your spiritual work. And, there are unfortunate miseries to go through when you’re not. Not everyone is called upon to be spiritual leaders or teachers, but we are all called upon at some point to be better than we thought possible!

If you’re interested in learning about shadow work, which is an invaluable process for addressing your unconscious dark side before the dark side addresses you feel free to contact me for a session. I also offer Tarot readings by donation for direction and healing. Thank you for reading.